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CPR Video BreakCBS21 Investigates | Are taxpayers paying extra for costly school construction projects?

“There is no competitive bidding and checks and balances in the process.” – Janial Mack

Pa. bill would open major school-construction projects to competitive bidding

“The money that’s being wasted through the co-ops could be spent toward the items that a school needs.” – Janial Mack

PA Lawmaker: State ‘overspent for school construction costs in excess of $100 million’

Pennsylvania County Saves $800,000 – 47% – on $1.7MM School Renovation Project by Choosing Open-Bid Contracting over No-Bid Garland and US Communities Deal

Minnesota Roofing Company Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Against Tremco

Pennsylvania Legislature Addresses Runaway School Roofing Costs


Last Updated November 20th, 2018